Decades of Printing Experience. Business Card, Inc. was founded in 1951 as a specialty printer selling wholesale to other printers.

Business cards are difficult for many printers and often not worth the trouble of set up. BCI continues to offer quality business cards to printers and business card brokers to this day.

New and old customers rely on BCI to provide innovative ways to upgrade service while maintaining the the quality they expect. In short, everyone wins.


  • In 1951, Marvin Isenstein founded BCI in North Chicago IL.
  • In 1971, BCI moved to Tullahoma, TN where the shipping point was within 2 days of over 75% of the US.
  • In 1988, Joel Isenstein assumes the position of president while Marvin Isenstein remains a trusted advisor and Board Member.
  • In 2000, BCI acquired engraving equipment.
  • In 2001, BCI acquired 4 color printing equipment.
  • In 2004, BCI acquired additional 2 color press to meet capacity demands.
  • In 2006, BCI acquired direct-to-press system.
  • Today, BCI offers a full range of products and services to accommodate your business.